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Filling the Gap: Managing Absenteeism in the New Millennium

How HR Responds to the MIA

What ‘Lean’ Means Many businesses these days operate as ‘lean and mean’ as possible to save themselves unnecessary labour costs. This staffing model works wonderfully, as long as everybody shows up every day. We all know, however, ...

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The Four Levels of Staffing

Hire Love (HRD) - There are four ways of hiring staff for any business unit. Like everything else in life, each has their unique advantages and disadvantages. It is worth remembering while reading this article that one of these methods has already been ...

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Consider Hidden Talents when Planning your Retention Strategies

(HRD) – Talent retention is fundamental to an organization’s success. Developing long-term strategies is a necessity. All too often, an organization will concentrate on a small clique of their workforce. Don't ignore the hidden gems, those ...

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Union Compliance From an HR Perspective

(HRD) - As a modern manager of a mid-sized company, you know that employee safety is a partnership between four different entities within your organization. These four entities consist of: The Management Group that funds training for employees, Labour ...

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Infusing HR Into Your Corporate Culture

Make HR More Than a Monthly Expense

(HRD) - There are two ways of using your HR department in your business. You can isolate them in an out-of-the-way office and simply use them for processing personnel paperwork; hirings, layoffs, retirements, firings, etc. The other method is to use your ...

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HR Professional Associations: The Importance of Belonging

(HRD) - As a busy Human Resources specialist you know for the majority of your day, there are more issues on your plate than you always have time for. If you’re looking to cut corners in your daily duties to squeeze more work into your week, ignoring ...

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HR and the Happy Workplace

Physical and Mental Health Solutions For Today’s Modern Employers

(HRD) - Happy, healthy, well-adjusted employees are an essential part of best business practises in the new millennium. Caring about the well-being of your staff is not only a moral imperative for modern companies but makes sound economic sense in the ...

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Industrial NetMedia: HR Director Developer Receives Endorsement

HR Director is a product driven by the needs of Ironhand Drilling and the Energy Sector.

(HRD) – Operating in Western Canada, Ironhand Drilling is a drilling contractor founded on July 11th, 2006.  They are known to provide their clients with the highest levels of safety, service, integrity and commitment. Since 2006, Ironhand ...

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Smart HR Pays Attention to Retention

The HR Challenge in a Booming Economy

(HRD) - The business of managing a company’s human resources has become far more involved than has been in the past, particularly in the province of Alberta. This region is extremely fortunate to have the level of industry that we enjoy and the ...

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When HR Meets SM: Hiring Staff in a Web-Based World

Anti-Social Media

(HRD) - The stories have been around so long, they are hardly even news anymore. You know the tale; a promising potential employee being considered for a position is suddenly denied the career opportunity after an inquisitive Human Resources manager creeps ...

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