Selling to the CEO – The Case for HR Software

As a Human Resource professional in the new millennium, you know the stakes have never been higher for properly onboarding new employees, providing ongoing workforce monitoring and maintaining morale, while supporting a safe workplace.  You've probably already come to terms with the fact the only way to reduce the amount of time spent on form filling, i dotting and t crossing is with high quality HR automation software. The only question remaining is how to convince the CEO it's the right move for the company.

Break it Down

Few decisions are based on just one reason but are usually made using a host of various facts, figures and pre-existing biases developed over a lifetime in the biz. In order to effectively make your case that HR automation is the right fit for the firm, you will have to demonstrate the improvements you expect will occur across the company and not just for a single individual or department.

How do I do that?

One of the attributes of HR software is the ability to quickly get through all the essential government, insurance and pension forms needed to retain staff in the modern era. The time spent on manually onboarding often eats up expensive hours for both the HR person and the new hire which doesn't contribute to profitability. The savings in faster onboarding doesn't just positively affect the HR group, however, but also the department to which the new person will be assigned. The sooner additional personnel can begin contributing their skillset to the company, the better... and cheaper... for all. Work out how much the savings will be per new employee and, depending on your turnover rate; you will have a solid argument for the automation initiative.

It's About Time

Another way to quantify savings offered by the adoption of HR software is to show how your time will now be spent on tasks which automated systems will be handling. Those additional, precious minutes can finally be used for the "human" element of HR which, one would hope, is the most vital aspect of the position. With HR hours freed up to develop morale-boosting initiatives and enhance engagement with individuals, costly employee turnover can be significantly reduced and real dollar savings realized.

Risk is not a Game

Another valuable feature of HR automation is it gives you more time for educating new hires regarding company culture and safety policies. Used in tandem with customizable safety training software such as SafetySpot (also by INM) this approach may effectively illustrate your company uses due diligence in its policies and procedures. These forward-looking initiatives may reduce your risk liability and perhaps even your insurance premiums. By lowering workplace accidents with safety orientation initiatives, you demonstrate to staff they are valued, all the while avoiding potential legal wrangles.

Better orientation could possibly save the officers of the company from fines and even imprisonment if a workplace death should tragically occur. Though hard to quantify what peace of mind is worth, quoting costs for legal bills experienced by other businesses following a fatal accident may be revealing.

HR Automation - More than Just Onboarding

Adding automation to your Human Resources department ties together each aspect of an employee's profile. These aspects include tracking promotions, certifications and vacations, as well as safety days, training days, holidays and more; in fact every detail from date of hire to date to retire.

Phone a Friend

Many HR pros belong to an industry association and are open to discussing best practices. Talk to these people and learn about the successes they have had with their software experiences and how much the successes meant to their company's bottom line. This may be the most credible evidence you can offer your company decision makers that HR automation is a viable option. Few folks are as convincing as those who have walked the walk.

Need help? Come in for a consultation. We'll help you make your case.

Author: Chris McKerracher

Chris McKerracher is a Social Media Marketer and Professional Writer for Industrial NetMedia. Chris has worked as a journalist, editorialist and humourist for a number of Alberta newspapers since 1995. He has also written eight theatrical plays which have been produced with the ninth to be staged in May of 2016.


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