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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: What you Need to Know

Are your employees scared to report sexual harassment?

  Employees are too scared to Report Sexual Harassment to Human Resource Departments New research study shows to reveal exactly how alarming things have gotten when it comes to workers' confidence in Human Resources to properly manage unwanted ...

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Categories: Human Resources

Popular HR Trend You Should Be Doing

  Canadian Employers are Spending More on this Popular HR Trend Canadian companies are spending extra in learning and also growth of their employees and are quickly catching up to their United States equivalents, the Conference Board of Canada's ...

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Categories: Human Resources

The reason why your best employees are leaving

Maintaining good staff is becoming harder and harder.

Ever Wondered Why Good Employees Leave? Retention, retention, retention; the holy grail of Human Resources. Whilst lots of companies concentrate on bringing in leading skills and talents to their business, some fail to remember to follow this by maintaining ...

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Categories: Hiring

PPE: Personal Protective Equipment or Plenty of Pricey Extras?

Being a proud part of the oil and gas industry with many energy sector clients in our customer base, we at (Industrial NetMedia/Safety Spot/HR Director) have put together a comprehensive list of the PPE items required by many of our client businesses. ...

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Are Chip Implants the Future of HR Automation?

There is no question that Human Resource Management Systems, (HRMS) are an essential tool for any company’s HR department. The advantages of automating mundane tasks such as onboarding, outfitting and monitoring of sick days, holidays and so forth, ...

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Selling to the CEO – The Case for HR Software

As a Human Resource professional in the new millennium, you know the stakes have never been higher for properly onboarding new employees, providing ongoing workforce monitoring and maintaining morale, while supporting a safe workplace.  You’ve ...

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After the Bust - HR Automation Means Faster Restaffing

When massive new hiring is essential to a company’s profitability, having the best automated HR software system working for you is a must. Alberta’s current energy extraction employment landscape is the perfect example of how Industrial NetMedia’s ...

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HR is About Walking a Fine Line

What's the Problem Here? For many employees, the HR department is bad news in its purest form. Human Resources people are viewed as the Grim Reapers of the company just waiting for staff members to slip up so they can fire their fannies with glee. ...

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Should HR Creep Applicants' Social Sites?

Is Stalking Candidates Worth the Risk?

We’ve all heard the tales of a terrific job candidate who appeared to be a sure bet until hiring managers went snooping around the applicant’s Facebook page. Maybe there were pictures of the candidate smoking what might be marijuana or posts ...

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How Hiring Has Changed in 30 Short Years

It's All About Legalities

When “Green” Meant “Inexperienced”, Not “Environmentally Aware” Thinking back on one of my very first job interviews, I am amazed at the changes that have occurred in hiring procedures and corporate human asset management ...

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