A Gift For the HRD; Selections From the SafetySpot Library

Great content for HR Specialists and Safety Officers

As an HR specialist, the topic of staff safety is never far from your focus. To illuminate some of the issues regarding safety in the workplace, here are some of our best blogs from Industrial NetMedia's SafetySpot website for you to enjoy.

Their most recent addition was an examination of the power of Safety Training software to effect change for the better in your organization. The piece is called, "10 Terrific Reasons Your Company Needs Safety Training Software" and it is a handy guide to what this type of program can do for your company.

On the site you can also find an interesting article on the ten most dangerous jobs in North America compared to the top ten for entire world. We are sure you will enjoy, "The Top Ten Most Perilous Professions".

Also along the road to corporate safety from an HR perspective is a treatise on creating awareness about safety issues within your company. It is entitled, "Creating a Culture of Corporate Safety" and provides some great tips on getting safety infused into your systems.

An important safety consideration, especially in the oil and gas industry in Alberta, is a piece called, "Risky Business; Maximizing Safety in Enclosed Spaces". It contains a lot of valuable information on the hazards of working in tight spots and below grade.

The last interesting and informative offering we have in this list is an overview of Canadian safety issues, what special dangers lurk for Canadians and tips on how to stay safer despite these dangers. We hope you enjoy, "Workplace Safety - A Canadian Perspective".

Author: Brian Hahn

Brian Hahn has been published online and in print for over 10 years. His editorials on Canadian politics and world events have been published by weekly newspapers and in the Canada Free Press. A former newspaper editor, lay preacher, and cancer survivor, he currently specializes in online marketing and application development with Industrial NetMedia in Alberta.


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