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13 Terrific Tips for Improving Retention

Say "No More" to the Revolving Door

Show Me More Than Just the Money! No matter the size or profitability, if a company depends on employees to make money, retention strategies should be an important focus. However, many corporations (over 50% according to research by US business consultant ...

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HR Timeline from 4 Billion BC to Present

The Great Pyramids; Another HR Success Story

4,000,000,000 BC; Primordial Soup, Africa – A single-celled organism named Bob was appointed HR director for a group of amoebas. He formed them into a cohesive team which developed into the world’s first multi-cellular organism. This entity ...

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Negating the Health Effects of Shift Work

Help Me Make It Through the Night Shift

(HRD) The scientific community has recently made some significant findings regarding the impacts of working the night shift. It was once thought the weight gain experienced from staffing the graveyard shift may have been due to related factors; lack of ...

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Does HR Outsourcing and Automation Threaten Your Job?

(HRD) If you stay current with the business news, you will see that lately, there has been a spate of articles concerning HR in the new millennium. They feature perspectives from a range of business experts, most of which claim that, although HR may be ...

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Filling the Gap: Managing Absenteeism in the New Millennium

How HR Responds to the MIA

What ‘Lean’ Means Many businesses these days operate as ‘lean and mean’ as possible to save themselves unnecessary labour costs. This staffing model works wonderfully, as long as everybody shows up every day. We all know, however, ...

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Human Resources Management – Employee Fitness

Employee Wellness Management: How Much is Too Much?

Fitness apps are all the rage lately. There are apps available for your smartphone than can not only track your vital signs but suggest exercises to do to improve specific health aspects. Some of these applications even include video instructions on how ...

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Categories: Hiring

The Four Levels of Staffing

Hire Love (HRD) - There are four ways of hiring staff for any business unit. Like everything else in life, each has their unique advantages and disadvantages. It is worth remembering while reading this article that one of these methods has already been ...

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